Desert Scouting Trip


small group of the core Dubai Strobist’s (Matt, Jerry and myself) recently went out into the desert scouting for an on location shoot. Not far from Dubai Silicon Oasis we found an ideal location, albeit we needed to keep a close eye out for errant quad bikes and Land Cruisers. 

We tried out a few setups both with California Sunbounces and Speedlights, here’s a shot from the trip.


Matt - Desert Shoot

Matt - Desert Shoot

For this shot we needed 3 Speedlights at 1/2 power (1xSB28 triggered with a Pocket Wizard Plus II and 2xSB800’s in SU4 mode) in an Octobox at camera right and a further SB800 bare at camera left at 1/8 power bounced off a California Sunbounce. The ambient was dropped by at least 2 stops to give better saturation of the sky.

One lesson learnt from this shoot was the limitation of Speedlights when working in bright sunlight, but we knew that from Joe MacNally’s Desert Shoot with David Hobby, checkout Joe’s Post on Joe McNally’s Desert Shoot

Hopefully next time we’ll manage to bring a model out, at least 6 SB800’s or else scare up a 1600 Ws strobe with battery pack – unlikely! (well on the 1600 Ws strobe and battery pack anyway).

Do doubt both Matt and Jerry are still trying to get all the sand out of their gear as am I, so this isn’t the ideal location for changing lens unless you want to invest in a VisibleDust ArcticButterfly Kit

All in all it was a successful trip and we’ll keep you posted on when we hope to take a bigger group out. One good thing about this location is that it is far enough from the maddening crowd and no security to tell us to get lost – so no need for prior permissions. It’s only a short trek over the dunes to get out off sight from the road, but that has it’s own concerns i.e. crazy quad bikes and Land Cruisers. 

Keep posted bfn Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on November 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Desert Scouting Trip”

  1. So you seem to have the hang of it 🙂

    So shall we start blogging and shamelessy selling out to manufacturers of cheap plastic for SB800’s?

  2. Gee! Can’t we open a new category? or can we only leave replies to what you post?

    • Hi Andy,

      Your right – with the blog, as a reader, you cant start a new category. What was the category you wanted to open?

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