What to Expect and Some Ground Rules…

Thanks to Nigel for kicking off the posts. As well as the Strobist meets and resulting pictures I also hope to post:

  • some of lighting setups we have found to work
  • some photoshop post processing techniques
  • and for all of you that have asked…getting your printer printing your photos and not muddy copies
  • maybe some guest bloggers (if S. Kelby can, we can) and other useful tips around photography

So the ground rules of the blog…

  • To start with I will limit the number of “bloggers” who can write a new post, but…
  • If you want to post an idea or tip which is your own then email me or reply to this comment
  • If its an idea or tip from another blog, site or book please give the URL of the site and give full credit. Please dont cut and paste Lighting 101 from David’s site  (www.strobist.com -> see its easy)
  • Likewise, if you visit our site and like one of our posts, please feel free to link to it
  • In replying to a post, constructive criticism is welcome…abuse is not
  • Also keep the posts moderated to UAE …I dont want the site to get blocked because of content
  • Also the site will not become a photo archive…so please dont abandon your flickr, pbase, zenfolio,…to conserve space low res pictures will thumbnail on the blog and link to bigger versions elsewhere

~ by mwardy on November 27, 2008.

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