12th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup at Capital D Studio

Hi all just a quick reminder that we’ve booked Capital D Studio for Saturday 24th January from 2 – 6 p.m.’ish for a meetup.

As usual if you can convince a friend to model, or in fact know any models willing to join, then bring them along. We generally offer good quality photos in return for the models time, so if they wishing to expand their portfolio here’s a great chance for them to do just that, which is a win – win for both keen Strobist’s and models. If you’re a newbie, don’t be intimidated, just come along with whatever gear you have and join in the shooting. We usually have several lighting setups, so if you’re not sure how to position lights, modifiers etc., just join in with one of our more regulars and start learning.

Here’s the link to Capital D Studio, which is essentially behind Modern Bakery, near the Gold and Diamond Park.

Hope to see you there, bfn Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on January 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “12th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup at Capital D Studio”

  1. Hey there,
    I am a novice/enthusiast photographer who would like to join and learn, it will be the first time to attend, but i hope i can reach on time as i live in Ajman and i need long time to be there, but is it open for anyone who would like to join?

  2. Hi Tareq,

    Absolutely, please join us. As Nigel says above bring what you have and we are a friendly bunch if you have questions and want to learn!

  3. OK, Thank you very much for the reply
    I will do my best to be there on time, but still not sure where exactly the meeting will be.

  4. Tareq, Click on the link to ‘Capital D Studio’ in the above post and you should see Modern Foods Limited clearly marked. If you mouse move the marked Hot Spots you’ll see Capital D Studio, which is essential SE and to the rear of the bakery.

  5. Ah ok, great, in fact it is not far from Advanced Media Store.
    I am coming with my Arabic full traditional dress [UAE], is that a problem? What nationalities are the members as i hope they will not feel annoying about me?
    Is there any restaurant near of that area as i will leave house before 1pm and we have lunch at home always after 2pm?
    Is there any instructor or it is just between the members to practice and so? and last question: is it free to join you in the meetup?

    Sorry for all those questions but just to be sure and have more information, it will be my first time.

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