Response to Comments on 13th Dubai Strobist Meetup 28-Feb-09

Rather that stick in another comment to the previous post let me clarify the queries raised:

Sandeep – of the 12 meetups we have had to date, of which I believe you have only attended 2, we have never had the problem of too many models. If we had one model for each attending strobist it would be fantastic, however in reality we generally have at best a 3 to 1 ratio of strobist’s – models. I welcome anyone who is able to put an action plan together and follow through with it, however as we generally only meetup once a month we need to have a larger core group of regulars to agree what’s best. I suggest that if anyone has a particular concept/lighting setup then they bring all necessary gear to make it happen on the day. If you’re not sure what you would like to do, then feel free to join in with someone who has an idea and follow along. Also if you’re a newbie don’t worry as we can give guidance in the spirit of ‘The Strobist‘.

Rehan – as for a 2 day shoot, we hire the studio on a half day basis only and we are fortunate that we have such a fantastic space. A full 2 day shoot will become prohibitively expensive for most people. Please remember that we are seeking to develop our lighting skills and these meetups are not professional shoots.

Mohd. – the idea of putting the posts up on the blog was to limit the amount of email which I receive. If you confirm via the comments that you’ll be attending then that’s all that’s required. Maybe we need to figure out a better way of getting better estimates of the number expecting to attend.

Pooja – you’re most welcome to join in on our meetup and I hope that you are able to both learn and enjoy.

As always please remember that we exchange models time for quality photos, so please DO NOT use the photos for any other purpose unless you have the prior  consent of the models.

I hope that clarifies matters bfn Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on February 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Response to Comments on 13th Dubai Strobist Meetup 28-Feb-09”

  1. Jim, Forgot to mention your model friend’s idea on Marilyn Dietrich shots – checkout for some cool ideas and see if we can pull a few off. I reckon we’d be using Paramount Lighting so also have a look at

    Cheers, Nigel

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, i have attended twice so was confused on the load coz my job doesn’t allow me to remain in UAE most of the time. My purpose of notifying about models and other stuff is to let everyone know, mainly the regulars to pre-plan if they can so that one can save time in the studio. Also i am new as a strobist and trying to learn how to best use these small kits to get rid of my studio kits and a regular strobist blog visitor 🙂 Cu on 28th.

  3. Roger That, I’m in …

  4. I’ll be there and have spoken with Amal who will be attending to model.


  5. Very nice website here. Very helpful and informative. I will be dropping by once in a while to check how things are going. I was searching for strobist sites from near me and so far this one is the nearest to me. Btw, I am from abu dhabi as expat working here in some company. I am also starting out this photography hobby and learning new things with photography and strobes from David’s site at strobist.

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