Dubai Strobist’s Photo Gallery

Hi all, I guess that most of you interested in attending GPP will now have booked your courses and I hope to see a few of you at David, Joe and Zack’s sessions and off course at Photo Friday.

gallery1Anyhow I’m sure that we’ll get an influx of interest from the local based attendees of David’s course, thanks to him linking us on his 28 Feb blogpost, so I’m hoping to showcase some of our better work on this blog.

Previously we had a link to some sample work, as can be seen here, but it’s a little long in the tooth and I’d like to update it with more of your current best work. Not everyone can access our Flickr site, so I suggest that you send me some of your better images and I’ll set up a gallery to show piece all the great work that has been happening.

I hope to setup another meetup for Sat 28 March at Capital D Studio, before the main GPP event, more details to follow. If you’re around and are up for a meetup, leave a comment below and I’ll get the ball rolling.

See You all Soon, bfn Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Dubai Strobist’s Photo Gallery”

  1. Nigel – Please count me in.

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