14th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup at Capital D Studio

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’ve booked Capital D Studio in Al Quoz for a meetup on Saturday 11 April, from 2 p.m. If you’re around and wish to attend, drop a quick comment below so that I can get a feel for the numbers.

I trust that all that attended GPP had a great time and managed to pick up a few tips and are now itching to try out a few new things.

If you haven’t been to one of the meetups at the studio, here’s a link to their website and directions to the studio.

bfn Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on April 5, 2009.

24 Responses to “14th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup at Capital D Studio”

  1. Hi Nigel,

    You can count me in…


  2. Hi Nigel

    Good to see you on David’s ‘Shoot with a Purpose’ course at GPP.

    I’d like to attend the shoot on 11 April. I’ll try and rustle up some models.



  3. I’ll be there.
    Its been a while sense the last meet up.
    I’ll expect to see new recruits from Nigel and Mark πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Nigel,

    I’ll be there on 11th April.


  5. Hi Nigel / Mark,

    please count me in

    Cheers…… Josen

  6. Nigel,

    I will be there, I’m a newbie to this, but keen to learn… Do you need me to bring anyting other than muy camera / strobes?



  7. Hi Gary,

    If you bring yourself, camera, lights and a willingness to learn you have 98% of what you need πŸ™‚

    We always try and get models or friends to be subjects, but if you have somebody you can bring along it always helps.


  8. Very cool..
    Since i’ve never done this before.. Just a couple of questions..
    How many hours is the booking? (cause i work on Sat. till 2 and won’t probably make it before 2:30)..
    Also, approximately, how much will it cost?!


  9. Hi Kareem,

    The booking is from 2pm to 6pm.

    The cost will vary depending on the number of shooters -> so expect somewhere between 100 to 200 AED depending on how many of us are there (if all of the above turn up it would be about 150AED each for the 4hrs)


  10. I’ll be there, enjoyed Davids visit and made me realize just how much I have yet to learn…

  11. Hello,
    Another newbie that you can count in πŸ™‚
    cheers, Esin

  12. Mark, will you have some people to shoot, otherwise, I can probably scout for some models.. anyone have the numbers of the models they used at GPP — maybe we can get them for a few hrs cheap?.. There were guys and gals there..

  13. i doubt myself at this moment, but i will try!

  14. Hey Nigel, I love to join you guys I wanna see you again, we had great time with Davide
    count me in =)

  15. @Gary: We should have some models. From GPP models, I have already spoken to Kara who said she can make it and Relika who is tentative. Hoping to get a couple more…

    …but money, shhhh! We all do it for the love of it πŸ™‚

    The deal we cut with any model or willing subject is that for their time we agree to hand over our pictures to them for their portfolio. I generally bring a PC so I can collect all photo’s for the model at the end of the afternoon. Hope this works for you!

  16. hi nigel, been searching for a strobist group in dubai for a while, finally happy to find you guys.
    count me in…



  17. Looks like we’ve got an enthusiast bunch for Sat., So far we have 14 photogs but only 2 models. If anyone can bring a willing friend to model that would be helpful, otherwise we can do some headshoots of each other for those new to lighting and needing to get a grasp of the basics. Nigel

  18. Hi Nigel and all

    In fact we only have 1/2 a model…

    Kara has a paid job on Saturday which she has to attend and Relika is still tentative. I will still endeavor to bring models but can only reiterate Nigel’s comment.

  19. Hi Nigel, Mark
    Was looking forward to this sat but unfortunately cant make it this time 😦


  20. I’m in …
    last time I wasn’t able to make it , but this time for sure I’ll be there..

  21. I might bring one or two additional models with me.


  22. It seems to me that the number of photographers to the number of models is quite big..
    I still can’t confirm if i’ll be able to make it or not cause of my work on Sat.. If I can come, i’ll try to have a model with me..

  23. CRAP–missed it. How did it turn out????

  24. Hi Nigel,

    Thnaks for the address of the Photo accessories shops… I hope I can attend one of dubaistrobist meet ups..


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