Results from the 14th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup

Hi all, as most of us seem to be suffering from limited access to Flickr, Mark and I have sat down and made a selection of some of the better shots from those that attended our last meetup on 11 April. Unfortunately we didn’t get everyones photos, so in future if you want your pics to show up on the blog, please pass them on either at the meetups, or forward to us shortly thereafter. Here’s the link to the photo gallery – enjoy.

It was great to see a few new faces, obviously inspired by the workshops attended at GPP and hopefully you all managed to get something out of the meetup. A big thanks to all the models who attended and if you haven’t already passed on your photos, please do so that we provide them with some of your better quality images.

See You all Soon, bfn Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on April 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Results from the 14th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup”

  1. Hi Nigel,

    There’s some nice shots in there. I’ve post a couple of shots so far on the blog at (and I also see they show up here through Flickr). I’ve also sent some more shots to the models. Thanks, I really enjoyed the session and hope to see you next time!

  2. Hi guys…

    Nice gallery.


  3. That was a cracking shot of Mona (lebanese girl, long dark hair) in the purple dress inside the ruined warehouse. Good job who-ever did that shot.



  4. Any upcoming meet up?


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