A Kelbyesque Post and the “Brain”

Sorry all, been a bit distracted after GPP by that other hobby of mine that happens to take place 5 times a week and pays the bills. So I have some posts prepared that I will drop in across the week but thought I would start with some quick things…

  • Bowens LiteBook: If your not subscribing already, every month Bowens (a UK lighting supplier) produce an online magazine covering studio lighting and a useful section called “Hough-To” which gives lighting setups for you to try.
  • Last day (22nd) of Photoworld at Hall 3 of Dubai World Trade Centre. Open from 11am-8pm. All your friendly equipment resellers there (Advance Media, MK Trading, National Stores, Grand Stores…)
  • As many of you know I work for HP and we are holding an event on the 20th May with Magnum Photographers. Details of the event are here, your invited and you just have to register! 
  • Watch the below for a bit of inspiration for anybody who has an obsession (aka most photogs)



The Brain: This evening I bumped into Jim and we got talking about where we buy kit and he suggested that we had a list of all the places we found kit in the UAE. I’ve had the same conversation with pretty much all of you since we started the DubaiStrobists…so lets get it going. My aim is to build a comprehensive list of all the little things that we all know – some of us know where to get official camera gear, some know of DIY kit, some studios, props…whatever!

I’ll send a small spreadsheet to the distribution list which simply asks for the manufacturer, product, store and location/contact of each item that you know about. I didn’t include pricing as it will a pain to track and update. As I start to get replies I will compile them into a single file and post a version to the blog.




~ by mwardy on April 21, 2009.

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