The Valley of the Gels

roscoMany of you have been asking me recently where you can buy gels in Dubai, so I have requested a quote from the local Rosco agent for some of the more common gels, i.e. the tungsten and fluorescent conversion gels. Unfortunately to obtain sheets of gel, the agent has to order from Europe and while the cost for a standard sheet 53cm x 1.22m, is relatively inexpensive at 22 Dirhams it soon becomes very uneconomically once shipment charges are added in. So if a bunch of you wish to order up several sheets, I’ll put in a bulk order and we can share the cost of shipment. Have a look at Rosco’s website to get a better idea of which gels you require and I’ll place an order. It’s a money up front kind of thing with the local agent, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue. I have also contacted the local agent for Lee gels but alas they don’t sell sheets only rolls 7.62 x 1.63 metres at 373 Dirhams, so I guess that’s a no brainer. Drop a comment below and I’ll collect money at our next meetup so as I can place an order.

Bfn, Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on April 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Valley of the Gels”

  1. Hi Nigel
    Isn’t 53*1.22 too big a sheet for a one person unless they are color correction gels.

  2. Hi Sheena, it all depends on whether or not you wish to gel studio lights or just Speedlights. The idea is to order a certain number of sheets which we can cut into smaller pieces and share between ourselves. Nigel

  3. There is this store in California that is ‘cheaper and more value for money’ that Amazon etc.

    Their shipping charge was only $ 6 for a 3 flash ultimate combo pack, with delivery in 10 days. Great customer Service and follow ups. Good reviews on Flickr if you know how to get there 😉

  4. If you guys want to organize a group buy of my gel packs, I can offer a good discount depending on the volume needed. Or if you want to buy large sheets and cut them up to distribute, I can probably beat the prices of the shop you are planning on getting them from in Europe. If you are interested, send me an email and I’ll quote you some prices depending on the volume you need.


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