Strobists Meet 2nd May

Hi All.

Sorry it took a while for the post/upload but if you know anything about RAID arrays its just taken 37hrs, after a minor disaster, for it to rebuild (but save) my 20k+ of pictures.

So if you click through to the slideshow you’ll see pictures from half of the photographers on the day – some images cropped to remove the odd lightstand leg but otherwise out-of-camera. My thanks to all that came down and especially Kara for being the patient but in-demand model (aka the only one.) We’ll try and get another session in before the end of May.

Keep well,



~ by mwardy on May 5, 2009.

18 Responses to “Strobists Meet 2nd May”

  1. wonderful pictures as usual! have been following this blog for a while
    I’m from New Delhi, but my parents stay in dubai, cant wait to join you guys at a meetup once i’m there later this month/early next month. I hope that would be alright?

  2. hi guys
    have uploaded a few pics here.


  3. Hi all

    Had a great time at this meet, mostly assisting Mark since I am still testing waters and havent had the courage to plan and execute a shoot on my own.

    After every strobist meet, I initially go back home feeling lousy knowing that there is so much I dont know, but later feel elated on realizing that I have learned so much more at every meet.

    You guys do a great job running the show !

    Have uploaded a few of my pics here,



    • Hey Sheena, I don’t know why you should feel lousy after the shots you took at the meetup, I think they great. Hopefully I’ll be at the next meet. Keep pushing, Nigel

      • Thank you Nigel, I know there are a few good shots here but thats entirely Mark’s set up. I did shoot the pics and learn some stuff while Mark walked about fuming, trying to troubleshoot & perfect his lighting set up 🙂 Looking forward to the next meet !


  4. Hi All,

    I want to address this head on – because its important to all of us moving forward. What I love about the Strobist group is we have the desire to improve…but what I dont like is the fear of failure. Flame me, detest me but its what I see at most meetings – my “proper” job is about handling success vs failure and I have applied this to my two years of shooting…

    My “fuming” is that you all know the answer to the problem but the test is whether someone is prepared to test their theory and learn from it even though they might crash and burn in spectacular style. Fail, Fail and Fail again… but learn in the process!!!

    Can I suggest at the next meet, and more is in the proof of my words…so try me… I will be 100% happier if you put a light up and pinch my model for 20 minutes than if you pinch a light from my setup and the model for the same period of time!

    Fail, fail and fail again…but you’ll nail one shot, then two then ten and you know its all yours! I still look at my photos and I think I suck…but I suck less than I did six months ago!!! I sincerely respect Sheena’s post because I see the same thoughts and the desire to improve wherever that may take them.

    Once you realise that you could fail, you can not -> because of the group we have created. I then believe you succeed and you’ll be happier for it!

  5. mark.. good to hear that u saved your images. two days before, i put my image in raid1 also backing up using IBM-TSM. I will be in dubai this may, so i will make it at the next meetup. do you know if anywhere in dubai we get prat portfolio book, a4 or a3+ size.

  6. Hi – I am new to the UAE and was wondering if there were any Strobists in Abu Dhabi who would like to meet up. I have all equipment with me here with the exception of lightstands.

  7. Hey guys, Josen was kind enough to guide me to this blog, and from what I see here…this is truly an exciting thing you guys have been able to put up. Will be keen to know when the next meet is, and participate.

  8. Is there a mailing list we can susbcribe to, to find out about the next meet? I would love to join in on the next one!

  9. Thanks for the last shoot. It was first time for me and I was pleased with the results. Mark, can I send you some shots to include in the slideshow?. thx

    Looking forward to the next shoot…

    • @Stuart:

      Sorry for the late reply. Yep, no problem. Either post the images to your favourite photo site and tell me the link to download them, or email me (use the one in the Strobist disti list from Nigel)

  10. any plan for meeting this month end weekend?

  11. Mark/Nigel,
    I have still not received my photos from the meet on 28th Feb…

  12. There are a couple of us Strobist in Abu Dhabi. Our problem is there is no Studio we can get unlike the one in Dubai. Let me know if you would like to meet up somewhere in Aabu Dhabi. I am usually free on Fridays and Saturdays.

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