The Joy of PocketWizards

This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I would throw up a quick post…

Seeing as we live in this super-fluid market of the UAE we have the option to buy product locally or ship it from our favourite country and mail order supplier. In the case of PocketWizards (PW) if you bought them locally then they should be “CE” (read: European) based PocketWizards as that is the frequency range allowed by the authorities here. Ones bought and imported from the US  will be be marked FCC and operate a different frequency. In other words the two dont mix; so once you standardise on one “type” then you need to stick with that type. Japan is also different than the US and European…but lets leave that there.

This has implications for other kit you may buy. If you decide to buy a monobloc or generator with a PW-based wireless trigger in the UAE it will be “CE” based. Also if you buy a lightmeter here from Advanced Media or MK Trading (e.g. the Sekonic 758) it will also be CE based. So, in the same way, you can’t trigger these inbuilt European “CE” PWs with a US-based “FCC” PW.

So how do you know which country in the world sells, and uses, what frequency of PocketWizard?…well PW do have the answer and its tucked away here.


~ by mwardy on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Joy of PocketWizards”

  1. OK, so I guess by looking at the info you presented I would get the pocket wizards with the EU freq’s. Next question is how much do the cost here in the UAE? I have a Catalog from Advanced Media that I pick up but it has no prices and as it would work out I am in Abu Dhabi and never seem to be in Dubai when they are open.

  2. Hi Andy,

    So in the UAE the last time I checked a Pocket Wizard was about $230-$250. If you cant get to Advanced Media then I have started to see them crop up in other smaller camera stores -> for example, in Mall of Emirates there is a small camera store selling Sigma & Canon and they do have PW’s. I think the store is “MicroD” and its towards the Ski Dubai and the food court.

    I intend to see Samir from Advanced Media this week -> so I’ll ask if he has any resellers in Abu Dhabi or whether we can work something out for you.

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