16th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup Sat 6th June at Capital D Studio

Palm Jumeirah MonorailI’ve booked Capital D Studio for our next meetup on Saturday 6 June, so if you’re around join in. The link to Capital D’s location map is here, if you dont know how to find it. As always models/friends/girlfriends/boyfriends or anyone you can drag along to model are most welcome.

Hopefully I can attend this one myself as work, or should I say potential work, got in the way at the last meetup, this shouldn’t be a problem this time around as I finish up on the Monorail 31-May. If you haven’t had a ride on the train yet, there’s no excuse just cough up your 15/25 AED one way/round trip fare and enjoy the spectacular views of the Palm and Atlantis Hotel/Water Park.

Time now for some serious R&R.

Hope to see you all soon, Nigel


~ by ncwalker1 on May 28, 2009.

28 Responses to “16th Dubai Strobist’s Meetup Sat 6th June at Capital D Studio”

  1. Ooo! New Strobist shoot! Happy Joy Joy! I’ll be there with bells and whistles, but, more importantly, with SB800s and Pocket Wizards. And with some models.

  2. hey! I will be in dubai around that time, will it okay if I join in?

  3. Hi strobists! i’m around and need to join in the fun…what time does is kickoff?

  4. The meetup is from 2 – 6 pm’ish and all are welcome. If you can bring a model or two along it would be appreciated. Rgds Nigel

  5. Hi there,
    any objection to advertising this meet up on the uae-photo site?

  6. Hi Nigel,

    I might be out of Dubai this Saturday, but if I’m not I’ll join in.


  7. Hope to catch up with you guys…

  8. I would like to come but am based in AD. Anyone driving down who I can tag along with?

  9. Where’s the entrance to the Palm Metro anywho? It looks like a complete construction site everytime I go past it…

    • Jim, As your traveling along Al Soufouh Road from Burj Al Arab toward Dubai Marina/JBR, the entrance to the Palm Jumeirah Monorail Station is on the right hand side just after the main entrance to the Palm under the Gateway Bridge. You’ll see a yellow sign saying Palm Jumeirah Gateway Monorail Station – enough the ride.

  10. Is there space for two newbies for the meet and are there any minimum requirements as per experience with strobes to attend….
    Also could you provide a rough estimate to how much it would cost per person….I’m unemployed currently so helps me decide if I can come or not.

  11. @Stained: You more than welcome and the minimum requirement is that you have some type of off-camera flash, prepared to create your own setups from it and learn from the experience.

    Based on feedback so far we will have min 8 people -> this would mean the 1200AED get split down to 150AED each if only 8 showed.

  12. Hi

    I never knew you existed until earlier this week – great to see this part of the world hasn’t been left behind!
    I would love to come to the meet-up but unfortunately I work on Saturdays – maybe another time!
    On a slightly different note does anyone know where I might find either 2-3mm semi-rigid foam sheets or corrugated plastic sign type material that can be used for making snoots and gobos here in Dubai?

    Thanks in advance

  13. I think I can make this one!!!!!!


  14. Thanks Nigel – I’ll give them a shout

  15. @mwardy…Thanks for the reply. I do own a single flash unit with a stand and I’ll be willing to share it with my friend who does not own one yet. Would that be adequate?
    The only thing I know about off camera photography is how to setup the stand and place my flash on it. After that I know nothing about where to place the stand, what angle etc, so I honestly would require a bit of guidance, is that possible?? Honestly I don’t want to be a burden on the meet. I do know how to work with ambient lighting though.

    • Stained – I suggest you have a look at Lighting 101 on the Strobist Website. The only way you’ll learn how to light is constant trial and error (usually more of the latter). Anyhow checkout – http://strobist.blogspot.com/2006/03/lighting-101.html and get some practice in before Sat.

    • @ Stained – I have two lights but no stands or modifiers (they are still in London). However, I am willing to share/learn as much as possible. It is better if you read Lighting 101 but if not I am willing to help/explain.

      I have been involved with the London group for over a year helping with the organisation etc so I know it can be a little intimidating to a newb.

  16. I have read through lighting 101. I have a general idea about lighting, just no experience. Also I just acquired the light stand a few days back. Since then I haven’t had the opportunity to test them. Plus I haven’t bought an umbrella with the stand so waiting for some cash flow to buy one and try it out. Maybe I’ll try them out tomorrow with a friend.

    @masood…If I’m able to make it on Saturday, I’d love to get some help.

    Thanks!! 🙂

    • @Stained, Don’t get caught up with the gear thing – all you basically need is a flash and means of triggering it once it’s off camera (ebay triggers/Pocket Wizards etc.) as far as light modifiers are concerned you’d be surprised want you can do with a white bed sheet or shower curtain. Surely you must own either of these items. Checkout Don’s blog on http://www.lighting-essentials.com/ for further help. Don’t be afraid to come along and have a look first before getting your feet wet – shoot, shoot, shoot and then shoot some more.

  17. Hey. Looks like I will be joining you guys. I am only in Dubai for a month, dont have all my gear with me. one sb-800 one Metz 36-C2 and my camera, no stands or modifiers.
    hope thats okay.
    looking forward to learning!

  18. Looks like it’s only me. My friend won’t be able to make it on Saturday. Thanks for the link nigel, will look it up. Will try to drag along girlfriend to pose!!!
    Btw wondering if anyone can get an extra umbrella set. I haven’t decided if I want a silver one or a white one so wanted to try them out before buying.
    Thanks again.
    Cya on Saturday!!! 🙂

  19. great, thanks for the info, i’ll be there Nigel, will bring along a model (my wife) to pose!

  20. A little too late but anyone going from Deira…I don’t have my car!!!

  21. finally looks like i can make it today…

  22. Good to meet everyone today. Apologies to those I did not manage to say hi. Maybe at the next meet.


  23. do you where i can buy light stands and some lighting equipment here in Dubai?

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