Follow-up to 6th June Meet

Hi All,

So thanks to all that attended and a couple of points:

1. If you want me to include your shots in the slideshow we normally post after the event, please send 3 images in jpg format, each a max 200K in size, to I’ll then collect all the pics together and post – so deadline is 12th June if you want your shots included.

2. Somebody left two scarves at the event – they are still with the Studio who you can contact at



~ by mwardy on June 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Follow-up to 6th June Meet”

  1. Sorry I missed it Mark. I have a bad case of strep throat and figured you guys might not want to catch it 🙂 And I have my new PW Mini’s and Flexs to try out too 😦


  2. Mark, Will hopefully see you before I figure out where to next.

    Anyone interested in a 2005 Mercedes ML350 SE – going very cheap!

  3. Thanks guys for organising the meet. And also a big thank you to those who lent me their gear (Riaz and Nigel).

    For Strobists based on Abu Dhabi, let me know on if you set up a meet.

  4. Any upcoming meet up?


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