Meetup at Capital D Studio on 17th October

Hi All,

Just a quick post – which will be extended tomorrow or Wednesday – to say that the studio is booked for the 17th October 2pm to 6pm for a Strobists meetup at Capital D studios, Dubai.

I’ll post all the maps and directions tomorrow, but as ever the aim is (as ever):

  • bring your flash (portable flash, monobloc’s, candles whatever) and learn from setting it up and from each other
  • if you have friends or family who want to act as models bring them as we can never have to many people to model

Please comment below if you intend to come – this will give me an idea for numbers for both space and  per person cost (its 1200AED split by all attending photogs)




~ by mwardy on October 4, 2009.

13 Responses to “Meetup at Capital D Studio on 17th October”

  1. Hello Mark,

    Count me in with a model 🙂

    Bony George.

  2. Is it the usual time? I have to to pick up a friend at the airport in the A.M. but am free in the afternoon. Will try to make it.

  3. Mark,

    Looking promising, I hope I will be there, I will confirm in a couple of days .. Might have a wedding to shoot on Saturday …

  4. Hi Mark, Cant make it for this meet. Attending a workshop this weekend.

  5. Hey Mark, Good to see you’re rolling out the next meetup. Still trying to get organized in Perth but the weather has been fantastic so far – looks like it might be heating up next week. Take care and look forward to seeing some cool shots from the meetup. Regards to all Nigel

  6. Hey all. Am hoping to be there. What time??

  7. @Stuart: 2pm-6pm

  8. Sorry won’t be able to make it to the meet this time.
    BTW what happened to the photos from the last meetup? I thought they were going to be posted somwehere.

  9. I am new to this space, I live in Dubai and will come with my camera only.

  10. please give timing if possible.

  11. Hi, I am new and hope to make it along too.

  12. Nice to see everyone here today, It was my first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cant wait for the next one. steve

  13. Thanks Mark for the tips and help, it was a great start, I will be ready with more gadgets for the next session.

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