Strobists Souk

So this is the first post (as per the front page) and its from Jim…

“When I started I went mad and bought a load of lenses. I have since picked up a Sigma 17-200mm and use it nearly all the time. I’m looking to shift the following Canon-mounted lenses (compatible with the 400d/Rebel XTi and that range)…

Sigma 70mm-300mm (telephoto) with Hoya UV filter  (Amazon new: $210)
Sigma 10mm-20mm (super wide) with Hoya UV filter  (Amazon new: $479)
Canon 28mm-105mm (mid-range) with Hoya UV filter  (Amazon new: $210)
Canon 18mm-55mm (kit lens) with Hoya UV filter — thrown in for free

Each Hoya filter is worth about $22 new on Amazon.

So $210+$479+$210+$88 (hoya x 4) is worth $987. I’ll sell the lot for $650 (2,400 dirhams).

That discount means that whoever buys is effectively getting the 70mm-300mm with four filters for free, in addition to the free kit lens.  It’s a good deal.


If your interested contact Jim directly at Jim is giving his fellow Strobists first dibs so dont hesitate if your interested -> he’ll also be posting this to the GPP marketplace on Thursday.


2 Responses to “Strobists Souk”

  1. […] Jim is looking to simplify his life and camera bag by selling some lenses -> go here for the […]

  2. Jim doesn’t say if the Sigma lenses are DC or DG. Means a lot if your using a full frame sensor.

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